Our Faculty & Staff

Keystone’s students, in grades PK3-12, are mentored by master teachers who create an extraordinary, well-rounded learning environment. Our faculty is an outstanding group of experienced and degreed professionals, who teach within their fields of expertise, and are skilled in fostering intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. Faculty members are dedicated to Keystone outside of the classroom as well, with most sponsoring clubs, events, and student organizations. Tenure at Keystone typically ranges from 10-12 years.

Faculty and Staff Directory

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Photo Name Title Email Phone Website
  Nicoll, Alexander Teacher Email
Photo for Carpenter, Timothy Carpenter, Timothy Director of Maintenance Email 210-735-4022x318
Photo for Christiansen, Sara Christiansen, Sara Director of College Counseling Email 210-735-4022x387
Photo for Flynn, Michael Flynn, Michael Chief Financial Officer Email 210-735-4022x307
Photo for Handmaker, Billy Handmaker, Billy Head of School Email 210-735-4022
Photo for Mlcak, Kassi Mlcak, Kassi School Admin Email 210-735-4022x356
Photo for Moore, Todd Moore, Todd Director of Technology Email 210-735-4022
Photo for Moyer, Penny Moyer, Penny Registrar/School Nurse Email 210-735-4022x301
Photo for Powers, Theresa Powers, Theresa Head of Middle School Email 210-735-4022x339
Photo for Raymer, Alison Raymer, Alison Counselor Email 210-735-4022x323
Photo for Shapiro, PH.D, Erica Shapiro, PH.D, Erica Counselor Email 210-735-4022x323
Photo for Spedding, Bill Spedding, Bill Head of Upper School Email 210-735-4022x306
Photo for Tijerina, Edmund Tijerina, Edmund Communications Email 210-735-4022x308
Photo for Travis Hyde, Hannah Travis Hyde, Hannah Alumni Coordinator Email 210-735-4022x336
Photo for Valdez, Dena Valdez, Dena Head of Preschool Email 210-369-9099
Photo for Vilagi, Jeanette Vilagi, Jeanette Head of Lower School Email 210-735-4022
Photo for Villafranca, Adriana Villafranca, Adriana Director of Development Email 210-735-4022x353
Photo for Wormley, Zina Wormley, Zina Director of Admissions Email 210-735-4022
Instructional Staff
Photo for Antuna-Camacho, Wilnelia Antuna-Camacho, Wilnelia Innovation and Learning Specialist Email 210-735-4022x358
Photo for Armentrout, Anna Armentrout, Anna Teacher Email 210-735-4022x313
Photo for Arnold, Maggie Arnold, Maggie Teacher Email 210-735-4022x335
Photo for Boryczka, Cesiah Boryczka, Cesiah Teacher Email 210-735-4022x334
Photo for Boryczka, Raymond Boryczka, Raymond Teacher Email 210-735-4022x326
Photo for Bray, Rosemary Bray, Rosemary Teacher Email 210-735-4022x342
Photo for Calderon, Roxann Calderon, Roxann Upper School Athletic Director Email 210-735-4022x355
Photo for Caraway, David Caraway, David Teacher Email 210-735-4022x386
Photo for Carpenter, Terri Carpenter, Terri Teacher Email 210-735-4022x315
Photo for Ciaravino, Anthony Ciaravino, Anthony Teacher Email 210-735-4022x352
Photo for Combs, Jessica Combs, Jessica Teacher Email 210-735-4022x346
Photo for Cook, Laura Cook, Laura Teacher Email 210-735-4022x311
Photo for Darr, Kathy Darr, Kathy Teacher Email 210-735-4022x357
Photo for Dennis-Ortega, Alicia Dennis-Ortega, Alicia Teacher Email
Photo for Denny, Carolyn Denny, Carolyn Librarian Email 210-735-4022x332
Photo for Eades, Elizabeth Eades, Elizabeth Teacher Email 210-735-4022x351
Photo for Elizondo, Suzanne Elizondo, Suzanne Teacher Email 210-735-4022x327
Photo for Gann, Amanda Gann, Amanda Pre-K 4 Teacher Email 210-369-9099
Photo for Garcia, Angela Garcia, Angela Teacher Email 210-369-9099
Photo for Golando, Katherine Golando, Katherine Kindergarten Assistant Teacher Email 210-735-4022x348
Photo for Gonzales, Gabrieal Gonzales, Gabrieal Teacher Email 210-735-4022x312
Photo for Gonzalez, Monika Gonzalez, Monika Teacher Email 210-735-4022x303
Photo for Greenfield, Marcela Greenfield, Marcela Teacher Email 210-735-4022x331
  Guidry, Karen Teacher Email
Photo for Hawk-Ridewood, Jody Hawk-Ridewood, Jody Middle School Athletic Director Email 210-735-4022x321
Photo for Henry, Isabel Henry, Isabel Teacher-Preschool Email 210-369-9099
Photo for Hirt, Benjamin Hirt, Benjamin Teacher Email 210-735-4022x304
Photo for Holden, Joya Holden, Joya Teacher Email 210-735-4022x324
Photo for Holliday, Traci Holliday, Traci Teacher Email 210-735-4022x316
Photo for Howk, Donald Howk, Donald Teacher Email 210-735-4022x345
Photo for LaVelle, Dawn LaVelle, Dawn Teacher Email 210-735-4022x348
Photo for Lindsay, Sean Lindsay, Sean Teacher Email 443-562-6898
Photo for Luckie, Regina Luckie, Regina Teacher Email 210-735-4022x309
Photo for Neesham, Alexandra Neesham, Alexandra Teacher-Preschool Email 210-369-9099
Photo for Nydegger, Jason Nydegger, Jason Teacher Email 210-735-4022x347
Photo for Ochoa, Erin Ochoa, Erin PK4 Teacher Email 210-369-9099
Photo for Pantoja, Gypsy Pantoja, Gypsy Teacher Email 210-735-4022x344
Photo for Parker, Christian Parker, Christian Teacher Email 210-735-4022x349
Photo for Pederson, Patricia Pederson, Patricia Teacher Email 210-735-4022x310
Photo for Perez Wences, Maria Perez Wences, Maria Teacher-Preschool Email 210-369-9099
Photo for Petiton, Rafael Petiton, Rafael Maintenance Email
Photo for Preston, Deborah Preston, Deborah Teacher Email 210-735-4022x338
Photo for Quintero, Michelle Quintero, Michelle Teacher Email 210-735-4022
Photo for Rardon, Sarah Rardon, Sarah Teacher Email 210-735-4022x317
Photo for Rubio, Dejiana Rubio, Dejiana Coach Email 210-735-4022x365
Photo for Schultze, Matt Schultze, Matt Lower School Athletic Director Email 210-735-4022x320
Photo for Shults, Katherine Shults, Katherine Teacher Email 210-735-4022x337
Photo for Stancek, Jonathan Stancek, Jonathan Teacher Email 210-735-4022x341
Photo for Steinhelper, Layne Steinhelper, Layne Teacher Email 210-735-4022x343
Photo for Steward, Hannah Steward, Hannah Teacher Email 210-735-4022x322
  Sullivan, Arthur Teacher Email
Photo for Tyroff, Cynthia Tyroff, Cynthia Teacher Email 210-735-4022x330
Photo for Unruh, Kyle Unruh, Kyle Coach Email 210-735-4022x362
Photo for Van Poppel, Viviane Van Poppel, Viviane Teacher-Preschool Email 210-369-9099
Photo for Westwood, Chrystal Westwood, Chrystal Teacher Email 210-735-4022
Photo for Whitworth, Janet Whitworth, Janet Teacher-Preschool Email 210-369-9099
Photo for Wivagg, Jennifer Wivagg, Jennifer Director of Innovation Email 210-735-4022
Photo for Wynn, Barbara Wynn, Barbara Substitute Email 210-735-4022
Support Staff
Photo for Akers, Glenda Akers, Glenda Aftercare Supervisor Email 210-735-4022
Photo for Calderon, Rachel Calderon, Rachel Aftercare Staff Email 210-369-9099
Photo for Ciment, Lynda Ciment, Lynda Admin. Support Email 210-735-4022x369
Photo for Fletcher, Jeanne Fletcher, Jeanne Email
Photo for Goodwin, Jason Goodwin, Jason Grounds Keeper Email 210-735-4022
Photo for Hensley, Patrice Hensley, Patrice Email
Photo for Lopez, Michael Lopez, Michael Maintenance Assistant Email 210-369-9099
Photo for Monzon, Ramfis Monzon, Ramfis Accounting Email 210-735-4022x302
Photo for Morado Rodriguez, Denise Morado Rodriguez, Denise Accounting Email 210-735-4022x363
Photo for Morado Rodriguez, Salma Morado Rodriguez, Salma Receptionist Email 210-735-4022x300
Photo for Morales Linkenhoger, Maria Morales Linkenhoger, Maria Director Email 210-369-9099
Photo for Nutt, Jason Nutt, Jason Head of Security Email 210-735-4022x373
Photo for Nutt, Shannon Nutt, Shannon Assistant to Head of School Email 210-735-4022x300
Photo for Obregon, Mary Obregon, Mary After Care Supervisor 210-735-4022x361
Photo for Rojas, Christopher Rojas, Christopher Technical Support Email 210-735-4022x366
Photo for Sparks, Jacquelyn Sparks, Jacquelyn Email 210-735-4022x369