Testing Information
Grades K-4

Applicants for Grades K-4 will be required to take a readiness and ability test.

The Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test-Second Edition (KBIT-2) will be the required test if an applicant has not had a more comprehensive evaluation administered by a licensed psychologist or by their current school. The KBIT-2 is a brief, standardized measure of verbal (crystallized) and nonverbal (fluid) intelligence used to assess children, adolescents, and adults ages 4 through 90 years. Administration of the full KBIT-2 battery yields Verbal, Nonverbal, and IQ Composite scores. The three subtests of the KBIT-2 include Verbal Knowledge, Matrices, and Riddles and take approximately 15 to 50 minutes total to administer. Testing contact and location information will be sent out after an application is received.

Testing results should be sent to Keystone no later than February 1st for priority applications.

Grades 5-12

Applicants for Grades 5-12 will be required to take the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE).

This test is offered in over 30 metropolitan areas across the country. The list of testing dates and locations is found on the ISEE Guide available through Keystone School or online at www.iseetest.org. The ISEE may be taken only once within a six-month period.

Testing results should be sent to Keystone no later than March 1st for priority applications.