Affording Keystone


Tuition at Keystone covers 90% of the School’s operating costs.  The other 10% is covered by philanthropic contributions and by ancillary sources of income. 

By any measure, Keystone offers an incredible program.  One of our goals is to provide this program as efficiently as possible.  To this end, we are pleased to note that our overhead costs are 40% lower than the average independent school in the Southwest. This allows us to direct a larger percentage of our resources to our core instructional program, which helps us keeps our overall costs down significantly relative to peer schools.  Finally, Keystone is committed to keeping our program as affordable as possible, as we aim to provide this incredible education to as many bright and motivated students as possible. 

Financial Aid

The Keystone Financial Aid program enables us to enroll and re-enroll qualified students in sixth grade through twelfth grade whose families cannot pay full tuition costs. We are committed to providing financial assistance, consistent with our available resources, to families who qualify and whose child or children have been accepted through the admission process. We recognize that socio-economic diversity is an important ingredient in education and one of Keystone’s best traditions.


The Financial Aid program of the school offers funds to qualified students using the following priority guidelines:

  • Currently enrolled students receiving financial aid whose families demonstrate the need for financial assistance and submit applications by February 15
  • New students and returning students whose families demonstrate the need for financial assistance and submit applications after February 15

All families who feel they may qualify are encouraged to apply for assistance. Financial aid decisions do not adversely affect a student’s opportunity for admission or re-enrollment.


An appointed Financial Aid Committee determines a family’s need for financial assistance and makes recommendations to the Head of School. Upon approval from the Head of School, financial aid offers are sent to families.


The committee awards financial aid based on financial need demonstrated by the family’s financial aid application, additional financial information available to the committee, tax returns, and school funds available. In the case of divorce or separation, Keystone requires both parents to file an application for financial assistance. Keystone is not bound by any divorce agreement specifying a parent’s responsibility for educational expenses as we consider all parents to share responsibility for the child’s education. If a parent chooses not to work, Keystone may impute an annual income for the non-working parent depending on family circumstances.


Decisions will be made as soon as feasible after receipt of recommendations from the financial aid processing service. Keystone will then notify the recipients of financial assistance. Recipients have two weeks to notify the school of acceptance of the financial aid offer.



How to Apply for Aid


1. Parents are asked to access the F.A.S.T. Program website specifically for Keystone applicants, available on this page,  on the right-hand menu.  All financial information should be entered directly through the secure server. Space is also provided to fill out additional information that may be pertinent to your application.

F.A.S.T requires several forms, listed below.  Please mail required forms, as listed below, directly to F.A.S.T.

  • W2s
  • Federal Tax Form 1040
  • If you own a home, proof of Property Taxes paid
  • Documentation for Alimony/Child Support
  • Additional forms may be needed based on circumstances and this information will be on the FAST website.

Only complete application packages, with all requested forms, will be processed. Incomplete packages will not be processed.

2. There will be a fee of $43 required to process this application. If you would like to request a fee waiver, please contact the Admission Office.

3. Send a copy of your Federal Tax Form 1040 for the prior year to Keystone School, ATTN: Financial Aid Committee as soon as you have completed your return.

4. Once completed, the Financial Aid Committee will review the application in a timely manner. You may be contacted by the Committee if additional information is needed.