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Alumni Annual Fund:

Be a Part of the Legacy.

Over the past years, I have come to realize that it is almost impossible to describe to others my childhood at Keystone. When I begin with the fact that my graduating class was only twenty-six students, all are in disbelief; but as I continue to describe the intellectual culture, and traditions of our school, like Valentine’s Day, people are engrossed in the stories and only want to hear more of my memories of this unique school. Remembering my days as a student at Keystone, I am thankful that I was lucky enough to experience such a special school that prepared me for future academic ventures, motivated me to make a difference in the community, and helped me realize my true potential. 

Keystone is a community where students have the ability to be themselves and discover their passions in science, art, math, history, language, and even sports. Since starting my position as Alumni Coordinator, I have been able to see the impact Keystone’s teachers and staff have on the students. It is incredible to now be “behind the curtain” and realize the passion for learning that Keystone teachers ignite.

I believe we have a duty as Alumni to give back to the school and help it maintain the culture that has shaped every one of us. We are an integral part of the Keystone community. The current students look to us as role models who have paved the road ahead and we must set the example of support.  Our support is vital for a school and its students, who are one of a kind. Your participation in this year’s Annual Fund, no matter what size of contribution, will help preserve the memories of the past and create the ones of the future.

Thank you so much for your support,
Laura Padilla, Class of 2006,
 Alumni Coordinator 




Alumni Gatherings

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