Head of School's Corner

A Message for our Community

Dear Keystone Community,

In both our previous and our current strategic plans, our vision for Keystone remains steadfast: To be an educational leader preparing students to make global contributions.

At this point in time, we feel that it is important to affirm our commitment to our vision, and the core values and community expectations implicit in our efforts to achieve that vision. While the impact of recent political events prompts us to send this communication, we do not send this message in a partisan spirit nor intend it as an endorsement of particular candidates or groups.

It is clear to us that the recent presidential election and policy actions and proposals from Washington have resulted in an increase in anxiety and concern among some citizens of the United States, and especially among members of various ethnic and religious minority groups. We have seen, heard, and felt these sentiments among the students and adults at Keystone School.

Accordingly, we want to affirm our core value – and one of our most precious cultural components – of being a school that embraces learners from every walk of life. At Keystone, the plurality of ethnicities, religious beliefs, and cultural and geographic backgrounds is not only something we endeavor to nourish, but it in turn nourishes the educational climate here. It is with pride that we note that “since its founding in 1948, Keystone has been a haven for bright and motivated students.” As long as our students and families love and embrace learning, they are welcome here. A caveat to this, we all know, is that this endeavor requires us to also embrace each other and our differences. We can and should disagree as we explore ideas, beliefs, and politics. But, we must do so not only with civility, but with love and respect. The Keystone community’s ability to incubate this ethos is as amazing as it is powerful.

Our pledge to you as well as our request in return is that we strive diligently to continue to be a community that serves as a model of growth and of harmonious existence. Keystone should remain a beacon for others, representing the best of our American tradition and our nation’s future. Doing this takes commitment and hard work, and we always have and will continue to work with our students as they learn to navigate differences and conflict and grow to become adults who will change this world.

Our starting point in all we do is to approach our mission with love and hope, and to inspire our students to do the same.

With admiration and best wishes,

Dena, Jeanette, Theresa, and Bill