Middle and Upper School Parent Evening on Cyber Safety - Feb. 13

January 17, 2019
By Keystone Communications Team

Author/illustrator Nancy Carlson touts the joys of doodling

January 17, 2019
By Keystone Communications Team

Author and illustrator Nancy Carlson visited campus and presented to Lower School students, with separate sessions for each grade level.

While here, she spoke about her love of doodling and encouraged students to take time for their own doodling and not to worry so much about being perfect.

And for the fourth graders, she had a session that included taking students through a drawing exercise.


To learn more about her, check out her video, A Doodle Journey:

Keystone crowns Spelling Bee winner

January 10, 2019
By Keystone Communications Team

After 29 rounds and nearly two hours of the Keystone Spelling Bee, we have a winner: seventh-grader Becca.

The first nine rounds narrowed down the field to the final two -- Becca and her younger brother, sixth-grader Charlie. Their battle took the next 20 rounds, covering words such as asseveration, prevaricate, aphorism, and tergiversation. 

Her winning word: tagine. That's a North African stew-like dish and the word also refers to the cone-like container used to cook the dish. Before that, she correctly spelled "Confucian."

In all, 20 students from fourth to eighth grade took part in the Bee.

Becca must now take an exam that tests vocabulary before she can qualify for the citywide Spelling Bee.

Mrs. Steward congratulates Spelling Bee winner Becca


Alumni share college experiences with Upper School students

January 08, 2019
By Keystone Communications Team

One way that Keystone traditions pass from one class to another happens every year when recently graduated alumni return to campus to share their experiences in college.

One panel spoke with freshmen in the theater, another with sophomores in Ms. Elizondo's classroom, another with juniors in Dr. Caraway's classroom and another panel with seniors in the cafeteria.

Whether they talked about their experiences at school nearby, other parts of the country, in Ivy League schools or in study abroad programs that take them to Asia and Europe, they shared their perspectives about how Keystone prepared them for the next phase in their educations.




Alumni hoops game brings out strong turnout

January 08, 2019
By Keystone Communications Team

Just before Winter Break, the annual alumni basketball game brought Keystone grads from the past several years. Check out these photos from the event.




Keystone hosts supply drive for migrant families

January 07, 2019
By Keystone Communications Team

The weekend before school started, several Keystone families joined the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to collect and pack supplies and clothes for migrant families at the Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen.

It began when former Keystone board member and alumni mom Teresa Niño reached out to the school to ask if the school could serve as a staging area for collecting and organizing supplies. Once Mr. Handmaker approved, the announcements went out on social media and word of mouth for only a couple of days.

Organizers anticipated collecting enough to fill a couple of cars, or perhaps a van. Instead, the effort grew during the day and gathered voluteers that included Keystone students, parents, supporters of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and friends of Keystone community members. Among those who came were Fr. David Garcia, Director of the Old Spanish Missions and former Councilwoman Maria Antonietta Berriozábal.

By the middle of the afternoon the clothes and toiletries collected filled all of the tables in the cafeteria -- and organizers had to rent a U-Haul truck to carry all of the items.

The following morning, the foundation's president and CEO, Antonio Tijerino, Ms. Niño and others drove the truck and supplies to McAllen to the respite center.

Hiking Club visits Enchanted Rock

December 19, 2018
By Keystone Communications Team

The Middle School Hiking Club, under the direction of Coach U, went to Enchanted Rock on their most recent excursion. 

The seventh and eighth graders meet monthly for day trips to nearby state parks.

Check out a few photos from the outing:



Ms. JoAnn is a true hero

December 18, 2018
By Keystone Communications Team

When a first-grader got some Doritos stuck in his mouth, it could have turned into a serious situation, but aftercare teacher Ms. JoAnn performed abdominal thrusts to dislodge the chips.

She quickly noticed something was wrong, kept the situation under control, acted quickly, knew what to do and never lost her cool.

When asked about it, she downplayed her own actions and thanked the emergency training that Keystone staff members receive every year.

A big thank you to Ms. JoAnn!

Foreign Language Club adopts family for Christmas

December 18, 2018
By Keystone Communications Team

An uplifting note for the holidays.

The Foreign Language Club adopted a family from Hawthorne Elementary School in the San Antonio ISD to give their children toys for Christmas.

Using proceeds from the club's taco and bake sale, students were able to buy toys for four children -- Francisco, Jacob. Michelle, and Nicolas -- in the family, who are also students at Hawthorne.

Mr. Hirt and Mrs. Boryczka, sponsors of the club, also offered their thanks to parents of the Foreign Language Club members who donated new clothing for the children.

¡Feliz Navidad!

Spelling Bee set for Jan. 10

December 18, 2018
By Keystone Communications Team

Keystone's Spelling Bee will take place Jan. 10. It's an exciting competition that pits representatives of grades 4-8 against some difficult words and each other. Here are the participants:

Eighth Grade:

Seventh Grade:

Sixth Grade:

Fifth Grade:
Anna Grace

Fourth Grade:

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