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Senior teaches at orphanage, donates in India

August 16, 2018
By Keystone Communications Team

For her Girl Scout Gold Project, senior Gowri traveled to Haridwar, India with her mother over the summer. While her mother, a professor, taught at a university-affiliated school for the underserved and marginalized, Gowri delivered $1,030 (or 68,000 rupees) and basic necessities to girls at an orphanage in Hairdwar. Gowri collected the funds at a piano recital earlier in the year. The Divya Prem Sewa Mission works with the children whose parents have leprosy. Its residential school, Veda Matram Kunj in Chilla Elephant Sanctuary, serves children who are stigmatized due to their parents’ disease.

Gowri taught dance, origami, and Tae-Kwon-Do lessons for three weeks to 40 girls that live in a hostel situated at the foothills of the Himalayas. The hostel houses children from year old to youth 20 years of age. The hostel accommodates students from low socio economic status from all of the 13 states of India. The ultimate goal of the mission is to empower youth who have no access to education and health care. Gowri also assisted her mother in a writing project, where the girls wrote a page each day. The project culminated in an open house that showcased the dance, writing samples, and testimonials from the workshop attendees at the hostel.

Keystone soccer in statewide Top 10

August 08, 2018
By Keystone Communications Team

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools has released its preseason rankings for high school soccer and Keystone has made the Top 10. Check out the list:


Congrats to junior Jada

August 07, 2018
By Keystone Communications Team

Congratulations to junior Jada! Her poem, "Don’t let the world steal what fills you with pride" is published on the I Am Woman Project. Jada, who has been at Keystone since first grade, has written poetry since middle school. She's still researching colleges and focusing on liberal arts programs and majoring in English.

Here's her poem:

Don’t let the world steal what fills you with pride

You are strong, like the Indian Monsoon
Your heart is light, like a flying balloon
You demand attention as you enter a room
Your words of wisdom hit: an earth-shattering boom

You are calm, like the ocean’s waves at low tide
You are humble and take your pitfalls with a stride
While humility is key, success is nothing to hide
Don’t let the world steal what fills you with pride

You’ve let go of your anger at the world and finally found your place
You wear your melanin loud and proud with a smile on your face
Even when you try your best, you won’t always win the race
But be bold, be brave, and be the one who sets the pace

All of your dreams will come true, at least the ones that are meant to be
You have enough wealth to help the world, you’re a personal giving tree
No matter your shape or size your beauty is impossible not to see
You embody the shine of a million spotlights with your personality

Accept everything about yourself and never give up the fight
Continue to share your voice and be an everlasting light
“I am woman, hear me roar” is the motto of your life
Don’t let anyone take your power away, It’s a God-given right



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