Science Fair at Keystone

A note from Mr. Howk:

This summer, I will be escorting five Keystone students to Bratislava, Slovakia for the international science expos through MILSET USA for a week of scientific and cultural exchanges with students from over sixty countries. Afterwards, we will also spend a day in Vienna, Austria and then a day touring Budapest, Hungary. Previously, Keystone students have participated as student ambassadors (often comprising about half of the total delegation) at ESI 2005 in Santiago, Chile; ESI 2006 in Veracruz, Mexico; ESI 2007 in Durban, South Africa; ESI 2008 in Lima, Peru; and ESI 2009 in Tunis, Tunisia. Along the way, our students have ridden camels on a Mediterranean beach in Tunisia, flown in helicopters over Victoria Falls after a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River in Zambia (after we left South Africa), gone skiing in the Andes, and many other amazing things.

Keystone also claims Neela Thangada as "America's Top Young Scientist," since she won the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge. Another Keystone student, Elizabeth Monier, finished second overall. For that competition, we had ten finalists go to DCYSC in Washington, D.C. which is by far the most finalists in the country. Each student and their sponsor got an asteroid officially named for them as well.

Keystone typically has at least half of all of the finalists for Intel ISEF from all of South Texas. This is a remarkably consistent achievement, and it is the result of our students' continued interest in seeking solutions through science.