2 Lower Schoolers, 11th grader win poetry contest

Mar 27 2024

2 Lower Schoolers, 11th grader win poetry contest

Congratulations to 11th grader Aarav, 5th grader Smaya and 4th grader for winning honors in this year’s San Antonio Ekphrastic Poetry Contest!

In this event, young poets submitted works inspired by artworks from five local art institution. The Keystone students won in the Youth 13-17 division. Other winners came from the categories of Adults and young people 12 years and younger.

These three students join three other Keystone poets in winning honors in this contest.

All the winners will read their poems on April 27 during a celebration at Ruby City contemporary art center.

Here are the winners:

From Elena, who responded to Paul Cezanne’s Houses on the Hill:


Pa dropped me off at Grandpas today
I love Grandpa because he tells amazing stories
Grandpa said he was going to tell me a story
A story about the Hills
How the Hills twist and turn
How they crack and snow
And the creatures the way they jump and pounce
How I love the Hills with Blue Skies
And white snow and black rock
And the stories Grandpa tells me, how I love

From Smaya, responding to  Gladys Roldan-de-Moras’ Sunday Riding at Misson San Jose, 2014:

Sunday Riding At Mission San José
Beautiful women riding on horses
The colors are immensely bright
Gracefully trotting across the grass
Mission San José is a pleasing sight
Mexican dresses long and pretty
Sombreros keeping the lengthy hair still
On the way to Mission San José
First sight is always a thrill
Three Mexican women following the path
Nearly at the end of the road
Horses helping them in every way
The essence of this painting has clearly showed

From Aarav, who responded to Yen Vase with Landscape Decoration, from the Qing dynasty:

where the blue girl lies
blue girl, who made you so fragile?
your movements were once graceful but that was only ephemeral.
blue girl, you were a chrysalis, shining iridescent.
dew drops reflected off your porcelain like the sun.
your skin, once colored with flesh is now gaunt and pale.
what eudaemonia existed in your gaze has now been replaced with a silent curve on the side of your hip.
blue girl? let me lay my head on your side. let me rest between the joint of your pelvis and soft, soft skin and let me read to you
the secrets of your world–
careful, do not shatter: you are precious. let me crawl inside
and make myself a home within your stomach — do not breathe too heavily–
you will fragment easily.
blue girl – who really are you?

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