3 Upper Schoolers win poetry contest

Mar 21 2024

3 Upper Schoolers win poetry contest

Congratulations to Upper Schoolers Annia, Kate and Anna for winning this year’s San Antonio Ekphrastic Poetry Contest!

In this event, young poets submitted works inspired by artworks from five local art institution. The Keystone students won in the Youth 13-17 division. Other winners came from the categories of Adults and young people 12 years and younger. In all, the contest received 106 entries.

All the winners will read their poems on April 27 during a celebration at Ruby City contemporary art center.

Here are the winners:

From 10th grader Anna, who responded to Paul Cezanne’s Houses on the Hill:

Daydream of a Childhood Home
It’s only in the distance now, a camera in my mind that refuses to focus,
a remnant of where I was before.
shrouded by the dense haze of a fresh rainfall and memories,
The cool, morning mist rising from the water to tuck it away,
Cloud my vision, yellowing my childhood page.
A distant, languid blue eye peeks through the paper curtain,
Pondering whether the next time it would return to the gently sloping mountains,
The houses would still be there–under a foxing paper sky, nested within the pine brush, the cooing of a familiar neighbourhood.

From 11th grader Annia, who responded to  Gladys-Roldan-de-Moras’ Sunday Riding at Misson San Jose, 2014:

Los Vestidos Españoles
How much the wind would enjoy
twisting and turning
in and out of the layered ruffles of your dresses,
the ruffles that instead sag around you

under the deploring heat of the
unforgiving Texas sun
that your wide-brimmed sombreros shield you from

Your bright Andalusian dresses
dipped in the crimson of the
tongue-withering chiles that grow by the river
are sprinkled with the white of the

hardened limestone built into the
church you ride towards,
chasing the clanging of the rusted iron bell

From Senior Kate, who responded to Jim Hodges’ Ultimate Joy, 2001:

The Final Waltz
Blending, gliding, lines smoothing together
the silhouettes of dancers melding as one

Your hand extending out, grasping
Connecting with mine
and finding the way onto the floor

A swish, a swirl,
A blend of movement

Blinking, flashing, our lights mix
the distinct colors of blue, yellow, green now fused

The bright beam of your presence
dimming to a    slow    blink

Your hand extending out, not grasping
disconnecting with mine
and into the crowd.

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