3rd graders work on building their reading life

Sep 02 2021

3rd graders work on building their reading life

Third graders are building great reading habits early in the school year. Mrs. Steward reports that for the “Building a Reading Life” unit, the students are working to make reading an experience that would rate a perfect 10.

This starts with selecting books that aren’t too easy or too hard but are just right. A new classroom library makes this much smoother, and adds to the 10/10 experience. Then the students are seeking partners to help with their reading life.

After reading, students share noteworthy parts from their books they’ve bookmarked with Post-its, and they share “book buzzes” with the class to share their excitement about a book so others will want to read it, too.

On top of the students’ efforts, Mrs. Steward created little reading nooks in the classroom and says that the students use them whenever they can.

Here are a few pictures of the young readers:

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