5th grader wins Honorable Mention in poetry contest

Feb 04 2021

5th grader wins Honorable Mention in poetry contest

Congratulations to Caroline, a 5th grader who won Honorable Mention in a Cricket League poetry competition. Her name appears in the print edition of the February issue.

Her poem is posted on the magazine’s website for the October 2020 competition.

For this contest, each entrant was asked to submit an original poem with the theme “At the Library.”

Cricket magazine features short stories, poems, and articles by the children’s authors.

Here’s her poem:

Browsing the Library

A million books to choose from
And little time to spare,.
I frantically race through the shelves
This is so unfair!

My mother calls, “It’s time to go!”
My brother looks quite bored.
How can they just be standing there
When so many adventures are stored?

I hustle through the titles.
My time has run away.
I grab a book or two or three.
My stack begins to sway!

It finally is time to go.
This is a disgrace!
It only takes five minutes to check out
My stack of fifty-eight.

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