5th grader wins national poetry competition

Sep 25 2020

5th grader wins national poetry competition

Congratulations to Caroline, a 5th grader who won first prize in the May 2020 Cricket League poetry competition.

For this contest, each entrant was asked to submit an original poem with the theme “I Wonder.” Her winning poem is published in the Cricket League section of the October 2020 issue. Cricket magazine features short stories, poems, and articles by the children’s authors.

Here’s her poem:

I Wonder

I wonder what it’s like
To be everyone else.
What do they think about?
Talk about?

What’s it like
To be short
And look up at everyone else?

What’s it like
To not have a home,
To sleep on the street?

What’s it like,
Having different fears?
Does anyone have the same as mine?

Does everyone have thoughts,
Or ideas,
Or souls?
Does everyone have challenges
Or do some go through life easy?
Is anything for sure?

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