9th grader earns youth honors from Johns Hopkins

Jan 29 2021

9th grader earns youth honors from Johns Hopkins

Ninth-grader Joanna has received top honors from the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

She qualified for the university’s Julian C. Stanley Study of Exceptional Talent. This went to about 160 students younger than 13 who scored a 700 or higher on the math or verbal section of the SAT.

Joanna is also a Grand Honor award winner, which went to about 1,400 students who scored in the top 9% of the SAT.

In the Hopkins talent search, more than 15,000 students in grades 2 through 8 took a standardized test  between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

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1 Comment
  • Ann Parkhurst

    As “honorary” grandparents, we are so proud of you Joanna and of this accomplishment, among many in your young life. As I’ve said before, you’ve been created in the image of God and He has endowed you with gifts which you continue to use to honor your Creator. Love you, Grandma Ann and Grandpa Brian

    January 29, 2021 at 6:05 pm

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