Advice from Lower School students

Sep 10 2019

Advice from Lower School students

Our Lower School students shared great suggestions for students and parents at the recent “What’s in Your Backpack?” event with Mrs. Vilagi. So if you’re looking for ideas to excel in and out of the classroom, here’s some of their advice:

From 1st Grade:

  • Get me to school on time because I can’t drive the car.
  • Please do not ask me what did you do today every day.
  • Get a kid to school on time. Don’t rush a kid on homework. Be good to a kid.
  • Please do not tell me to do a lot when I get home.

From 2nd Grade:

  • Parents — don’t forget to drop off your children, or your children are going to miss some of the fun stuff!
  • Make sure you have enough time to get to school on time.
  • Teach them how to read big words.
  • If your children are not good at math you could practice at home so they can get better.

From 3rd Grade:

  • Put your homework back in your binder.
  • Put your backpack by the front door so you won’t forget it.
  • Stay out of your child’s binder.
  • If someone needs help, help them. Don’t do it for them.
  • Your binder is your life. You cannot forget it in third grade.

From 4th Grade:

  • The playground!! Woo hoo!! At the playground there are some rules. No bullying, be kind, keep your hands to yourself. Have fun!
  • Always practice your math facts (Multiplication facts are needed).
  • Get ready to be extra organized.
  • Early in the year, do not stress over homework but you need to do it. Just take a deep breath and do your best.
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