Ally Chisenhall ’11 honored for automotive work

Jan 09 2020

Ally Chisenhall ’11 honored for automotive work

Ally (Chisenhall) Harding ’11 has been honored as one of “35 Under 35” by the Specialty Equipment Market Association, an automotive trade association. She now works as a Senior Chemical & Manufacturing Engineer at Vintage Air, Inc., a San Antonio company that makes air conditioning components and other custom parts for vintage vehicles.

She also writes a column for a women’s automotive enthusiast magazine called Throttle Gals – a quarterly print-only publication about women in the automotive industry.

After graduating with her degree in chemical engineering from Johns Hopkins, she worked at BAE Systems, where she gained experience in process design, troubleshooting, and lean manufacturing.

At Vintage Air, she has worked on developing a new in-house powdercoating process and facility expansion.


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