Alumni Day brings advice, Keystone memories

Jan 15 2021

Alumni Day brings advice, Keystone memories

Eight Keystone alumni came back virtually to visit with Upper Schoolers, offer advice and to check in to see what has changed since they left — and what has stayed the same.

The alumni:

Gul Dolen ‘94 – MD/PhD, neuroscientist

Aaron Greenfield ‘11 – engineer in the medical device industry

Amy Chuang Griffith ’97 – Hardware Producer at Apple

Ron Heisser ‘12 – PhD student in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at Cornell University

Camille Moody McCue ‘85 – PhD, Principal of the Adelson Upper School

Kumar Reddy ‘93 – MD, Neurology and sleep medicine specialist

Ian Thompson ‘98 – MD, Urologist and real estate investor

Vicky Venegas ‘08 – Director of Product Management at HBO Max

The day also included practical sessions from local business representatives:

  • Katie Chain from HEB on how to network and what employers look for when hiring
  • Laura Burress from the San Antonio Food Bank on how to volunteer during a pandemic
  • Saani Fong from SA Works on how to create a résumé


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