Art contest to transform wristbands

Oct 15 2020

Art contest to transform wristbands

As students and parents have learned, everybody who enters campus must have a temperature check and receive a wristband and symptom check to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID.

But what to do with all those wristbands? Sixth-grader Sarah came up with a wonderful and creative idea: Launch an art contest.

Here’s how it works: Students have until Nov. 9 to submit ideas to their division heads for an art project to use the wristbands that would otherwise end up as landfill. The ideas will be displayed at school during the week before Thanksgiving break. Submissions must include the student’s name and grade on a card attached to the submission or written on the submission.

Sarah is working with Middle School English teacher Mrs. Luckie on this project, who said, “We get to see these wrist bands transform into something beautiful and even inspirational — turning lemons into lemonade, or, in this case, wristbands into works of wonder.”

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