Developing the creative potential of young people is an essential part of the Keystone experience, so we give our students in all grades opportunities to explore different modes of artistic expression.

Lower School

In grades K-4, students attend art once a week to build an appreciation of the art making process and a solid understanding of vocabulary, concepts, techniques, routines and procedures that will be built on as the child progresses through school.

In Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade, students engage in exploration and imaginative play in the art making process through experimentation and building skills through various forms of traditional and non-traditional media.

In Third and Fourth Grade, students take on longer-term projects and apply knowledge of available resources, tools, and technologies to create more unique, personalized creations that reflect individual students’ voices and emerging styles.

Middle School

The Middle School art curriculum explores the formal issues of art through the investigation of color theory, composition, and the elements and principles of design. In addition to exploring and comparing artworks from different perspectives and cultural contexts, students are encouraged to develop their personal vision and technical abilities through experimentation with a wide variety of media. Problem solving, critical thinking and experimentation help to build a foundation for aesthetic thinking.

Courses include:

  • 2-D Design
  • Drawing
  • 3-D Design

Upper School

In Upper School, students supplement their academic coursework with electives that are designed to push them creatively. Among the offerings:

  • Theatre Appreciation
  • Modern Acting
  • Film Studies
  • Digital Media

Outside of class, activities include:

  • Theater productions
  • Litmag literary magazine
  • Stone Soul – quarterly open mike event

Students often pursue their own creative endeavors outside of school, which have included forming their own rock bands, classical music competitions and submitting their creative writing to print and online outlets.