Along with developing intellectual acumen, Keystone is committed to developing physical capabilities of its students at all ages.

Lower School

Beginning in Lower School, students participate in P.E. every day for activities that aim to:

  • Develop gross motor abilities, skills and coordination
  • Demonstrate responsibility and respect for themselves
  • Maintain physical fitness for a healthy life
  • Have a learning environment that supports growth, enthusiasm and success for all students
  • Actively participate and engage in individual and team activities

Activities include jumping rope, basketball skills, soccer skills, volleyball skills, throwing and catching, running, jumping, skipping in grades K-2. In Grades 3-4, fitness activities include balance, endurance, flexibility, strength, jumping, landing, weight transfer, aerobic fitness, jumping rope, yoga poses and partner tricks.  Emphasis is placed on team concepts, fair play and sportsmanship.

MS soccer 2021 - 1

Middle School

In Middle School, students begin playing team sports. Co-ed Soccer, Track, Girls and Boys Basketball and Girls Volleyball and Softball are offered. Students practice during PE period instead of having afterschool practices.

Upper School

Our high school athletic programs strive to develop fundamental skills, and focus on excellence in execution. Players are put in positions to get the most out of their athletic talent, cultivate leadership skills and understand “team-first” responsibility. At the junior varsity level, our goal is to have all players play each game.

Upper School sports include:

  • Varsity & Junior Varsity Volleyball
  • Varsity & Junior Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Varsity Girls Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Boys & Girls Golf
  • Softball
  • Boys & Girls Tennis
  • Boys & Girls Track & Field