Barbie Bungee unit tests AP stats class

Sep 27 2019

Barbie Bungee unit tests AP stats class

How many rubber bands does it take to keep a doll safe from a fall from the stairwell in Founders Hall?

For the students in Mrs. Preston’s AP Statistics class, figuring out the answer was a matter of gathering data, using linear regression to find a model for their data, and then testing their models — all part of a unit called Barbie Bungee. To be complete, the figurines were a mix of Barbie and Ken dolls.

The data involved involved taking measurements of the lowest part of the doll’s head using different numbers of rubber bands. Then they used their information to create rubber band bungee cords in the lengths that their equations predicted.

All but one hit the floor. One key lesson: be very careful when when extrapolating from available data.

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