Celebrating Johnny Appleseed’s birthday

Oct 02 2019

Celebrating Johnny Appleseed’s birthday

Students in the second grade classes of Mrs. Cook and Ms. Oranday celebrated the birthday of Johnny Appleseed to introduce a unit on tall tales.

To get the students in the spirit, second-grade parents bought all kinds of apple goodies: raw apples,  dehydrated apples, apple pies, candied apples and McDonald’s apple pies, to name a few items.

Even though the actual birthday of John Chapman (that’s his real name) was Sept. 26, the Keystone teachers pushed back the day to accommodate parent conferences and a school holiday.

Besides, it’s always a good time to celebrate with some apples. For the kids, break out the sweet apple goodies. And for grownups, enjoy the apples that Johnny himself would have planted — in hard cider form.

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