Chief Science Officers hone leadership skills

Oct 09 2019

Chief Science Officers hone leadership skills

Keystone’s two student ambassadors as Chief Science Officers went through training to improve their leadership skills.

Through a series of hands-on events, sophomores Shreya and Riley learned more about project planning, networking, and communication skills at the Chief Science Officers Leadership Training Institute at Palo Alto College. During the training, the students brainstorm ideas and create their Action Plan to be completed during the year.

The Chief Science Office or CSO program promotes student voice in STEM.  Elected CSOs become part of an international network of students leaders and STEM professionals. Shreya was now selected to be part of the CSO Leadership Council this school year.

The program aims to elevate peer and community engagement with STEM, empower students to bring STEM opportunities to their schools, and ensure students have respected positions within their community.

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