Chief Science Officers lead STEM efforts

Apr 07 2022

Chief Science Officers lead STEM efforts

Congratulations and thanks to Keystone’s crew of Chief Science Officers.

The school has eight CSOs, selected to serve as STEM leaders on and off campus.

Earlier in the semester, 11th graders Joanna and Niraj led a blood typing activity with 5th graders that introduced the younger students to biological research.

Other CSOs are leading their own activities. Here are this year’s Chief Science Officers:

  • Joanna – 11th grade
  • Niraj – 11th grade
  • Shreya – 12th grade

Middle School

  • Shalini – 6th grade
  • Nidhi – 7th grade
  • Neerja – 7th grade
  • Shaum – 8th grade
  • Ariana – 8th grade

Here’s to much success ahead!

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