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Learn more about the people who make Keystone special on the Cobra Radio podcast. New episodes come out every other Tuesday during the school year.


Abby ’24

Senior Abby serves as student council president, varsity volleyball player, and has advanced to the International Science Fair. She talks about balancing activities, how Keystone’s small size is an advantage, and how she managed to help stage a fight scene over Zoom.

Courtney Chua Stevens ’04

Courtney Chua Stevens ’04 talks about her role as an attorney with the Department of Homeland Security in New York, some of her favorite classes at Keystone, and her plans to run the New York Marathon for charity. Support her fundraiser here.

Aleena ’23

The outgoing co-editor of The Keynote, Aleena, visits with incoming co-editor Niraj. Aleena talks about working LitMag, her efforts in mental health research, moving on to Rice University, and two Taylor Swift concerts that she described as “life-changing.”

Quincy and Stella ’23

Graduating seniors Quincy and Stella have been friends since Kindergarten. They reflect on how their friendship has evolved over the years and some of their favorite memories at Keystone.

Ana, Maya, Hazel ’23

This episode features three seniors — Maya, Ana, and Hazel — who have known each other since kindergarten. They talk about being longtime friends and share memories from Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. After 13 years, their friendship is as strong as ever.This episode features three seniors — Maya, Ana, and Hazel — who have known each other since kindergarten. They talk about being longtime friends and share memories from Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. After 13 years, their friendship is as strong as ever.

Director of Enrollment Management Andrea Banks

Learn more about Keystone’s selective program and what kinds of students succeed best here in this conversation with the Director of Enrollment Management, Andrea Banks. She also discusses how Keystone is unique among schools and how she navigated the transition from Northern California to South Texas.

Athletic Director D’Andre Montgomery

Coach Montgomery talks about her track career, winning a world championship, running in the 1996 Olympics, and the importance of developing a championship mindset.

Diya ’23

Diya, a senior, talks about adjusting to a new school, how she tutors students in Ukraine and her plans to create a startup. She’s new to Keystone and came here from Singapore for her senior year.

Alex ’23

Alex, a senior, discusses her experiences as class president, what it’s like to be a lifer at Keystone and how she intends to combine her interest in biochemistry with history when she goes to college.

Lorenzo and Andrew ’23

Seniors Lorenzo and Andrew discuss their summer project researching the history of Keystone. They’ll share some of what they uncovered and why they took on this project. You’ll learn about how Founders Hall was purchased in pieces, a hidden feature of Founders and how the school almost had a different name.

Nia Clements ’18

Nia Clements, Class of 2018, talks about how she developed a cancer treatment for a Science Fair project, why she decided against an entrepreneurship track in college and how a note in the Keystone Communiqué led to a life-changing experience. This interview took place in early August 2022, just before she left San Antonio for graduate school at Cornell.

Talia ’23, NHS President

Talia, Class of 2023 and president of the National Honor Society talks about why Keystone’s chapter of NHS works differently than many other chapters, how she combines STEM and visual arts and what she has gained by working part time jobs.

Gabi Mehta ’14

We visit with Gabi Mehta ’14. She’ll talk about her work in the aerospace industry, some of her favorite moments as a lifer at Keystone, and how a summer astronomy camp at the University of Arizona changed her life.

Sarah ’23

Student Council President Sarah talks about why she changed her plans and probably won’t go into medicine, why she loves International Day, and why Ms. Marvel is the greatest show on TV.

Charles Mobbs ’74

We visit with Charles Mobbs, Class of 1974. He’s a professor and researcher at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York and he’ll talk about his work on obesity and on aging, why he chose MIT and how a theater class at Keystone changed his life.

Shreya ’22

Shreya, a graduating senior who’s co-editor of The Keynote, visits with co-editor Aleena and discusses her decision to attend MIT, memories of science fair and how a television show inspired a lifelong love of math.

Matthew ’22

Matthew, a senior, visits with Shreya, the editor of The Keynote. Matthew discusses making empanadas for International Day, the joys of learning about other languages and a life-changing trip to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Tessa ’22

Keynote editor Shreya interviews Tessa, an accomplished senior who talks about playing basketball for Keystone, some of her more creative approaches to solving robotics problems and how she became interested in issues related to gene editing.

Adriana Villafranca, Director of Development & Alumni Relations

Adriana Villafranca serves as Keystone’s Director of Development & Alumni Relations. She’ll talk about why we ask parents for donations, how her master’s in public policy helps in fundraising, and the meaning of the phrase “con ganas.”

Antoine ’22, Keystone National Honor Society President

Antoine, a senior who’s president of Keystone’s chapter of the National Honor Society, discusses how he made the transition to Keystone from his previous school, how he stays close with his family and how he came to love playing ragtime piano.

Mallory Matthews, Head of Lower School

This episode of Cobra Radio features a visit with Head of Lower School Mallory Matthews. Get to know more about our newest division head, learn her thoughts on the role of homework in elementary education and find out about how Ohio, Harvard and Bogotá all fit into her life’s path.

Shreya and Liv, Class of 2022

Shreya, the co-editor of The Keynote student publication, interviews Senior Class President Liv.

Fine Arts Director Tony Ciaravino

Tony Ciaravino, who serves as director of the fine arts department, speech/drama teacher, and in several other roles, discusses his journey from shy kid to accomplished stage actor, how he decided to become a teacher and more.

Avril ’22 – Student Council President

Meet Avril, a senior who serves at Student Council President.