College Panels offer insights, experiences

Jan 05 2023

College Panels offer insights, experiences

Some of our recent alumni returned to campus to share their experiences during this week’s College Panels. They’re home between semesters.

They offered advice about applying to college, navigating college and making the most out of their time at Keystone. A few nuggets:

  • “Grades are important but they’re not everything.”
  • When selecting a college: “Make sure it’s a city or environment you’re comfortable in.”
  • Living on campus: “Honestly, dorms are not that bad.”
  • How to not be lonely at college: “For finding friends and meeting people, I highly recommend joining a club, doing intramurals.”
  • How to manage time between school years: “The summers are a great opportunity to figure out what you want to do.”
  • On admissions secrets: “I don’t think there’s a way to hack the admissions process. You’re going to get in where you get in.”
  • Moving from San Antonio to the East Coast: “It’s different, in a good way.”
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