Composting arrives in Keystone cafeteria

Sep 20 2019

Composting arrives in Keystone cafeteria

In the first of many efforts to work more sustainably, Keystone has begun composting in the cafeteria.

This means that when students finish their lunches, they now put their food waste in a separate trash can, where it goes into a compost container. From there, the school’s composting waste is picked up by Compost Queens, a local company that takes food waste and composts it into organic matter for gardening and farming.

These efforts began with a group of last year’s fourth-graders, who met with Mr. Handmaker to discuss ways that Keystone could become more environmentally friendly. From those discussions, the school formed a Green Team consisting of administrators, teachers and students.

As part of the push for more sustainability on campus, the  Communiqué is joining efforts of the Green Team and will showcase green efforts on campus and offer tips on how to become more environmentally conscious in our own lives.


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