Campus life isn’t the same without our students and we are looking forward to welcoming everybody back as soon as possible.

But safety must come first. And safety is a community effort.

We outline our plan for returning to campus as safely as possible on our Roadmap to Reopening page, and will update as circumstances change. Meanwhile, our administrators, Safety Committee and Medical Advisory Committee are continually monitoring public health metrics and guidance on ways to reopen our campus.

Frequently Asked Questions


How will students receive what they need to begin school?
Students received boxes of books, any applicable technology and class materials, and briefly met their new teachers at a series of Distribution Days, organized by division.

How long will remote learning last?
We are currently planning to stay in remote learning through Labor Day. If we have to continue, we will inform parents as soon as we make that determination.

How will you decide when it’s safe for students to return to campus?
We are following closely the recommendations of San Antonio Metro Health and looking at several different metrics:

  • The amount of time it takes for the number of COVID-19 cases to double, an indicator of how quickly cases are increasing. The recommended rate is 18 days.
  • Positivity rate (the proportion of positive test results out of the total number of tests) at less than 5%.
  • A decline in coronavirus cases for two consecutive weeks.

You can look up these metrics on this Metro Health dashboard.

We continue to actively consult with Keystone’s Medical Advisory Committee for guidance. This team of epidemiologists and other medical doctors is highly qualified to advise on matters of health and safety; the committee includes parents, alumni, alumni parents, and local physicians unaffiliated with Keystone who are committed to protecting the health and welfare of the Keystone community.

How will you ensure that students comply with Keystone’s safety protocols?
The health and safety of the School is a community effort. We require and expect every family, student, faculty, and staff member to follow new protocols. These protocols are stated in the Parent Handbook that families will soon be able to review.

Find more information about campus procedures here

Will all students have to be masked all day long?
We realize that wearing masks may be somewhat uncomfortable and annoying for our children. (During the remaining weeks of summer and first few weeks of the school year, we ask that you take opportunities to practice wearing masks at home.) We are building time in the daily schedule for children and adults to take breaks from their masks. We want students to feel comfortable in the learning environment and will be very mindful of their needs. Masks will not be required when students are eating lunch and when they are outside and can maintain more than 6 feet distance away from others.

If I don’t feel comfortable sending my child to campus, is there a remote option for families?
Yes. From the time that we began planning for a return to campus, we have included the option of concurrent learning for families that don’t feel comfortable coming back in person.

In concurrent learning, students take classes in distance mode while others are in class. Families simply need to alert their teachers and Division Heads that they are going to exercise this option.

What if a student/teacher tests positive?
A student or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19 will be isolated immediately and either sent home or arrangements will be made to send home. Parents of a student will be notified immediately. Keystone will notify and coordinate with local health officials, and begin a process of contact and tracing of exposure on and off campus. School officials will notify those who may have been exposed to the virus, while maintaining the confidentiality of the student or staff member. The response will depend on the particular circumstances. It could be as simple as that person quarantining at home and asking the connected cohort of children/teacher to quarantine (but still actively participate in distance learning) and consult with their healthcare provider for further assessment and possible testing for COVID-19, or as broad as closing a part of the campus or the full campus for a period of distance learning. Classrooms and areas affected by exposure to people who test positive will be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with CDC protocols. As an additional precaution, doors and windows will be opened for extended periods of time to allow for outdoor air circulation, whenever possible.

What will Morning Care and Aftercare look like?
In the mornings, all faculty, staff and students will be temperature and symptom screened before being allowed on campus. Anyone with a temperature of 100° or higher may not enter campus. If their temperature is within the range of normal, they will be allowed on campus. Children in the Little, Lower and Middle school divisions will then proceed to their respective morning care area. Students will be supervised, and distancing and mask requirements will be in place.

After school, we will work to prevent an excessive number of students congregating in one place at a single time, by staggering the end of the school day times for students in the lower school. Students in Middle and Upper Schools will be alphabetically assigned to different locations to wait for their rides after their day ends at 3:45 p.m. Parents will not be allowed on campus to retrieve students.

What will Athletics and PE look like?
We are following the guidance of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools. Currently, we are preparing for a delayed start to volleyball and soccer, but that could change in the coming weeks.

In PE, students will engage in athletic activities that build skills, strength and agility, while maintaining physical distancing.

How will you ensure that our children are safe from viral transmission?
Unfortunately, without a vaccine or better understanding of the virus and its impact on our immune system, no school or institution can provide a full guarantee. As with the flu or any other virus, the School cannot provide 100% assurance that viral transmission will not occur. We can, however, implement strict safety protocols and policies that follow or are in alignment with guidance from Metro Health, the CDC, the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest, and the National Association of Independent Schools.

We will not make decisions lightly and will consult our Medical Advisory Committee to ensure our plans reflect the latest in medical understanding.

How are you keeping children safe during lunch? How can they be safe in the cafeteria?
Students will have lunch in a variety of places throughout campus, and maintain physical distancing. Students who purchase lunch will receive individually packaged boxed lunches. Strict handwashing and desk cleaning protocols will be implemented before and after lunch.

Will classes in the fall be graded?
Yes. Last spring, many courses were graded on a pass/no-pass system to give students and teachers time to make adjustments to the online platforms. This fall, students will receive grades as usual.