Keystone family supporting Food Bank fundraiser

Keystone parents Gurpaul & Jasmeet Singh — who have a fourth- and a sixth-grader in the school — are asking fellow parents to support the San Antonio Food Bank. Here’s their letter and link to support their efforts:

Dear Friends,

By now we have figured out the new normal, working from home, ordering groceries online, educating and nurturing our children and staying home/staying safe.

However, tens of thousands of hardworking good people, who were already struggling, have lost their jobs. They had no savings and no safety net. Last week demand for food doubled at the food bank and their supplies are rapidly being depleted.

This is our opportunity to serve and help the less fortunate in our community get through the next few weeks.

Let’s get together and make the most out of an unimaginable situation and raise $100K to secure 1 MIlLLION pounds of food for the San Antonio Food Bank.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Consider a generous donation Click to donate here:
  2. Make this message your own and forward it to friends, family, employees, employers, customers, vendors, your congregation, kitty party, basically your network
  3. Post on social media as neither of us are active on social media (wish we were at times like this).

Seva (selfless service to humanity) is one of the highest virtues in our Sikh tradition. While temples are closed and we can’t make and distribute Langar (free community kitchen), this is a virtual way for us to serve our community and together make a difference.


Thanks in advance,

Gurpaul & Jasmeet


Link for sharing here: