Eighth graders “taste” books

Aug 19 2021

Eighth graders “taste” books

With soft jazz playing in the background, checkered tablecloths covering the classroom tables, decorations of place settings and displays of a Turkish coffee service in the background, Mrs. Tyroff’s “book tasting” this year had the feel of a casual restaurant.

On the menu was a variety of books in different genres. The tasting is a tradition in her class that gives students a chance to test out a variety of books in a short time.

Here’s how it works: She divides her eighth graders into small groups of about three or four students and seats them at different tables. Each table features several books in a specific genre. Students peruse books for a few minutes and then the groups switches tables. Think of it as the literary equivalent of buffet stations.

The students will decide on the books that they want to take on for their choice reading.

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