From Our Head of School

Welcome to the Keystone School website!

While nothing can replace spending time on our campus, and meeting our outstanding students and amazing faculty and staff face to face, we hope that time spent perusing our website can give you an inkling of the incredible things happening every day at Keystone.

Although San Antonio offers a wide array of educational opportunities, few schools provide a program that combines an emphasis on the intellectual, ethical, and social lives of children and adolescents; this holistic educational experience teaches students how to excel in all areas of their lives and prepares them for the next step in their educational journey.

For seventy years now, Keystone’s academic program has been recognized as one of the best in Texas and the United States. Starting in the Little School and continuing on through the Lower, Middle, and Upper divisions, students learn the skills and the content that will enable them to be successful in general while kindling their intellectual passions to pursue those specific fields of study for which they have the greatest passion.

Perhaps this is one reason that in 2006, the College Board named Keystone the “best school in the world.” While we don’t necessarily know if that is true, we do know that the success of Keystone alumni at the finest colleges and universities in the world testifies to the challenge and support that our students receive from devoted and passionate faculty and staff members who are deeply committed to their success and personal well-being.

In addition, at Keystone, we know that a world-class academic education is necessary but not sufficient in today’s interconnected global economy and society. We teach students to combine the knowledge of the head with the ethical growth of the heart to be peerless academicians and outstanding people of good character. Keystone students involve themselves in their communities by taking what they learn in the classroom and applying it to the greater world; consequently, they learn how to be responsible leaders who not only understand the problems of today but also devise possible solutions..

As a Keystone alumnus recently said, “Keystone School is a private institution whose mission is materialized by the achievements of its students. Time and time again I have heard, and first hand experienced, the warmth, the acceptance, and the unity of Keystone’s close-knit community. As a graduating senior, I have learned what it means to be a student. But most importantly, I have learned what it means to be a good citizen who is ready to change the world.”

Perhaps this is the Keystone difference–a high-level academic program in a warm and caring setting that challenges and supports children and teens to be the best students and the most caring people they can be.  We are proud of the people they are, and we look forward eagerly to observing the young women and men they will become. We hope you will visit our campus in person so you can see for yourself why Keystone is so exceptional.

With great expectations,

Billy Handmaker

William B. Handmaker