Giving thanks to all who make Keystone such a special community

Nov 16 2023

Giving thanks to all who make Keystone such a special community

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”
-Willie Nelson

Over the past couple of weeks, students in Lower School have been expressing gratitude in journals, and middle schoolers wrote on a gratitude wall; in the same spirit, we would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for everyone in the Keystone community.

Individually, you are exceptional; collectively, this is an awesome community made up of dynamic and engaged students, supportive and committed parents, devoted and hardworking faculty and staff members, dedicated and giving trustees, and warmhearted grandparents, and alumni who make us proud.

To our students, we thank you for being the intellectually motivated and joyful people you are. You put your best foot forward in all you do whether it’s in the classroom, the studio, or on the fields and courts of play, and we appreciate you. As teachers have said repeatedly, “I love these kids!” You perform at a high level, and you make working at Keystone invigorating and inspiring.

To our parents, we deeply and humbly thank you for sharing your children with us. We know that there’s no greater trust that parents can place than where they send their children to school. We take to heart the faith you have in us, and we are deeply appreciative.

To the teachers and staff members at Keystone who arrive at work each day ready to challenge and support children and young adults, we proclaim our thanks. There are so many things you could be doing with your skills, intelligence, and work ethic, and we feel infinitely grateful that you are here and spending your time in such a noble endeavor.

To the Keystone Board of Trustees who provide energy, vision, and underpin our school, we say thank you. On top of your already busy work and personal schedules, you offer time, talent, and treasure in ways large and small to prepare Keystone for generations to come. You make our school an even stronger place, and we are grateful for all you do.

To our grandparents and grandfriends, some of whom were here for today’s Grandfriends Day, we so highly value the role you play in your grandchildren’s lives. You give them a sense of perspective and context. You help them understand that others have come before them and they exist in connections with their predecessors and successors.

Finally, to our alumni, thank you for gratifying us with all you have done since your time at Keystone. You have gone far beyond whatever we could have predicted, and we are so proud of you. In the same way our current students daily reaffirm why we chose this work, you show us that what we do matters and has long-term consequences. Thank you for being the wonderful people you are.

We say thank you, gracias, merci, dhanyavaad (Hindi), shukran (Arabic), toda (Hebrew), teşekkür ederim (Turkish), and xièxie (Mandarin). In any language, we have much for which we can feel blessed.

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1 Comment
  • Carla Somers-Sullivan

    As a grandparent i am greatly appreciative for the academic foundation, the confidence, and emotional balance you systematically instill in our children. Thank you Director Denna, and to all the great teachers of this great Little Institution for your consistent contribution on our children’s childhood formation. Respectfully.
    Grandmother Somers-Sullivan

    November 18, 2023 at 3:50 pm

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