Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb 16 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This week’s Valentine’s Day celebration kept juniors visiting classrooms and delivering candies and gifts, while students enjoyed plenty of sweets in their own classroom celebrations or with friends.

Celebrations began on Monday with a brief concert from the Upper School Rock Band, and then the campus went into celebration mode on Wednesday. Throughout the day, juniors delivered chocolate kisses, candy, flowers, and stuffed animals to students in all divisions, and made a special visit to the Little School campus in the afternoon. This year, a group of four boys created a “Ken” dance based on the Barbie movie, and performed the Ken-grams throughout the day.

The juniors sell valentines and goodies to raise money that they donate to nonprofits, while the school matches the amount raised and provides it as a budget for prom. This year, the juniors raised $10,224.33, and they’re donating the money to the Equal Justice Initiative and the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance.

Scroll down for photos from the day.

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