Jeff Soesbe ’83 visits with 4th graders during Alumni Day

Jan 21 2020

Jeff Soesbe ’83 visits with 4th graders during Alumni Day

Although the main purpose of Alumni Day is to allow Upper School students a chance to visit with former Keystone students, this was a special treat.

Jeff Soesbe ’83, spent some time talking with 4th graders about his work making underwater robots as a senior software engineer. His creations are designed to work on oil pipelines on the ocean’s surface. He talked about the engineering and design process from the idea to the final product.

He also spoke about how even as a professional engineer working with a very talented and intelligent team, failure is part of the process — an important lesson for young students who are learning that a wrong answer is just a step toward a correct one.

Jeff shared some videos of the latest robot he helped to make, which took his team four years of work to complete. After students asked him questions, three boys showed Jeff some of their own robots that they’re designing to pick up trash at the bottom of the ocean.

Who knows — maybe someday these young Keystonians will follow in Jeff’s underwater footsteps.

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