JohnAidan Uribe-Kozlovsky ’17 (aka Maberry) releases EP

Oct 02 2020

JohnAidan Uribe-Kozlovsky ’17 (aka Maberry) releases EP

JohnAidan Uribe-Kozlovsky ’17 has dropped a new EP and it’s getting some serious notice on Spotify.

His music name is Maberry and he has 106,000 monthly listeners to his Spotify channel.

His release, “Bloom,” features five tracks in of mostly low-fi music that combines electronic elements with acoustic guitars and vulnerable lyrics for a thoroughly approachable pop sound.

A song he co-recorded, “I Still Think of You,” has more than 1 million listens.

Check out his EP on Spotify here.

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1 Comment
  • John aiden. Ii want to send u a book the revolution betrayed by leon trotsky..have u read it? If not forward me a good address so tha i caN mail it to you…love you. Uncle hi..

    August 2, 2021 at 12:26 pm

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