Keystone Connections event brings parents together

Jan 28 2020

Keystone Connections event brings parents together

More than 20 parents came together at the Lower School Library on a Friday evening to network, make new friends and see what else they had in common.

It was the inaugural Keystone Connections event, and it brought a lot of enthusiasm and succeeded in introducing parents to discuss personal and professional interests. At its heart, the event aimed to build upon a shared perspective of our community, of parents who treasure the value of the Keystone experience.

After a quick icebreaking activity where parents introduced themselves, they wrote notes about subjects or activities that they were interested in (such as professional services, fitness, playing music, wanting to get more involved with PTO, etc.) and posted those notes on different paper charts.

The school’s development and communications teams are compiling those answers to distribute to the parents who came to the meeting.

From this meeting, some groups may form to put on some activities in the coming months. When they do, we’ll share those in the weekly Communiqué.

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