Keystone parents come through for Annual Fund

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Dec 06 2019

Keystone parents come through for Annual Fund

From Director of Development Mrs. Villafranca: Keystone parents continued to show their support with strong participation in this year’s Annual Fund. We achieved 94.26 percent participation and raised $195,024 within five weeks. This far outpaces the participation among independent schools nationally, which ranges around 64%.

Your gifts to the Annual Fund help provide the extras that make Keystone a special place. Tuition covers educational and normal school expenses. The Annual Fund allows Keystone to provide additional professional development for teachers, more technology, and much more!

Big thanks to Fund Chairs Araminta Romero and her husband Abelardo Martinez, 3rd grade and PK4 Keystone parents, for leading the fundraising efforts.

Overall, the divisions showed strong participation:

  • Little School: 100.00%
  • Lower School: 100.00%
  • Middle School: 92.14%
  • Upper School: 86.61%

By class:

  • Bumblebees: 100%
  • Busy Bugs: 100%
  • Rainforest Frogs: 100%
  • Turtles: 100%
  • Kinder: 100%
  • 1st Grade: 100%
  • 2nd Grade: 100%
  • 3rd Grade: 100%
  • 4th Grade: 100%
  • 5th Grade: 91.67%
  • 6th Grade: 97.06%
  • 7th Grade: 83.33%
  • 8th Grade: 97.06%
  • 9th Grade: 76.47%
  • 10th Grade: 100%
  • 11th Grade: 90.00%
  • 12th Grade: 77.78%

A special thank you to our Chairs and the Annual Fund Grade Level Captains.


Terrific Turtles: Marissa and Pablo Pallan

Rainforest Frogs: Heidi and John Muñoz

Busy Bugs: Lisa Navarro-Gonzales & Roland Gonzales

Bumblebees: Devin and Sonia Agnew

Kinder: Sumiti and Richard Green

1st: Liz and Marcin Donda

2nd: Marisol Lazarte and Luis Castagnini

3rd: Sabrina and Sameer Nathani; Mary Ann Notestine and Jerry Arismendez

4th: A. Campbell and Ryan Sullivan

5th: Paola Duhem and Alberto Sandoval

6th: Baishakhi and Subrata Debnath

7th: Kelly and Jerome Pooler; Loretta and Austin Pullman

8th: Cassandra Parker-Nowicki and Michael Nowicki; Jeffrey and Anna Weissman

9th: Carrie and Ricardo Alvarado

10th: Allison and Eric Stocker; Lisa McClain-Zem and Carlos Zem

11th: Yvonne and Don Gonzales

12th: Rachel Hamilton

Thank you to all of our 300 families who participated this year during the 5-week drive.  Your generosity plays a key role in helping our students excel in their academics and receive a world-class, well-rounded education.

If you are interested in supporting Keystone during this academic year, please contact the development office at 210-735-4022 ext. 353.

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