Keystone rocks Read-a-Palooza

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Sep 13 2019

Keystone rocks Read-a-Palooza

How much did you read over the summer? Bet our Lower School students read more.

The results of this year’s Scholastic Read-a-Palooza are in and Keystone students read a total of 25,265 minutes.

  • Rising 1st: 1,072 class minutes
  • Rising 2nd: 1,059 class minutes
  • Rising 3rd: 12,107 class minutes
  • Rising 4th: 11,027 class minutes

Our top performers:

  • 1st grade: Joaquin, with 602 minutes
  • 2nd grade: Costa, with 695 minutes
  • 3rd grade: Zachary, with 2,330 minutes; Alesandra, with 2,250 minutes, Camden with 1,985 minutes and Sajal, with 1,222 minutes
  • 4th grade—Caroline, with 3,561 minutes, Carson, with 2,803 minutes, Nirmal, with 2,508 minutes, and Paloma, with 1,864 minutes.
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