Keystone students dominate poetry competition

May 27 2022

Keystone students dominate poetry competition

This is amazing: Nearly half of the outstanding poets selected for the Young Pegasus poetry collection are from Keystone.

The San Antonio Public Library’s competition has more than 90 years of history celebrating the talents of the city’s young writers. A panel of independent judges reviews the work of poets 18 years and younger for publication in the annual Young Pegasus Anthology.

Congratulations to the 27 students selected:

2nd Grade:

  • Joey, “Cows”
  • Khavir, “Rhino”

3rd Grade:

  • Axel (with Leo): “Doodles”
  • Riley D: “Eraser”
  • Luke G: “Unstuck Petals”
  • William K: “Salmon”
  • Devorah S: “Night Sky”
  • Violet S: “To Me”
  • Olivia T: “Splash”
  • Leo (with Axel): “Doodles”
  • Kinsey U: “Wind”
  • Sarah W: “My Big Brother”
  • Nicholas Y: “Binder”

4th Grade:

  • Travis B: “Red”
  • Claire M: “Unsolvable Mystery”
  • Tim R: “Classroom”
  • Gabriel T:“I’m Tired of Being a Trout”

5th Grade:

  • Michael C: “Sick”

6th Grade:

  • Will A: “Insomnia”
  • Robert M: “Savagery” comes with the living thing ( Emily Dickinson mimicry)
  • Ella R: “Bubbly Ramen”
  • Bea S: “The Room”

7th Grade:

  • Nidhi B: “Sista”

8th Grade:

  • Ariana C: “Untouched Dreams”
  • Shaum D: “Swirls of Uncertainty, After Scream by Edward Munch”
  • Max O: “The little king”
  • Darsh S: “Home”
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