Keystone students win medals in National French Contest

May 16 2023

Keystone students win medals in National French Contest

Félicitations to Keystone’s French students, who performed very well in the recent National French Contest.

Here are the full results:

French 1

  • Gold medals: 8th graders Nate, Neerja, and Audrey
  • Silver medals: 8th graders Aadyah, Ashwin, and Zander
  • Bronze medals: 8th graders Cameron, Jack, Natalia, Ryan, and Vienna

French 2

  • Gold medals: 9th graders Anna Grace, Darsh, Ricardo, and Shaum
  • Silver medal: 9th grader Valerie
  • Bronze medals: 9th graders Inaayat and Sebastian

French 3

  • Gold medal: 10th grader Ajay
  • Silver medals: 10th graders André, Charlie, and Cody, and 9th grader Joaquín
  • Bronze medals: 10th graders Aarav, Anabelle, Matthew, and Miles

French 4AP

  • Gold medal: 11th grader Kate

From left: Vienna, Aadyah, Cameron, Nate, Zander, Ryan

From left: Jack, Audrey, Natalia

From left: Matthew, Aarav, André, Anabelle, Cody, Ian, Joaquín. Front row: Ajay, Charlie

From left: Anna Grace, Ricardo, Sebastian, Shaum, Inaayat

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