Keystone students win medals in National Spanish Exam

May 26 2023

Keystone students win medals in National Spanish Exam

Felicidades to Keystone’s Spanish students, who performed very well in the recent National Spanish Exam.

Here are the full results:

Spanish 2

  • Silver medals: 10th grader Diana, and 9th graders Isabela, and Zoe
  • Bronze medals: 9th grader Meghal, and 10th graders Audrie and Nicolas
  • Honorable Mention: 9th graders Ashwin, Breleigh, Elliot, Faith, Jack, Lucia, Max, Ruby, Suhin, and Toby

Spanish 3

  • Gold medals: 9th graders Anna and 10th grader Ian
  • Silver medal: 10th grader Annia
  • Bronze medals: 10th graders Bodhi, Lucas, Olivia, Rashmi, and Tristan

Spanish 4AP

  • Gold medal: 11th graders Joanna and Isa
  • Silver medal: 11th grader Niraj, and 12th grader Sari
  • Bronze medals: 11th graders Ishan, Joshlyn, Abby, and Callum
  • Honorable Mention: 11th graders Akash, Connor, Evalyn, Evan, and Shashi

Special Notes:

  • 12th grader Lorenzo won a Gold Medal in the National Portuguese Exam
  • Before she passed away, 11th grader Siri won a Gold Medal in Level 4 of the National Spanish Exam

From left: Isa, Abby, Ishan, Callum, Niraj, Joanna, Joshlyn

From left: Audrie and Zoe

From left: Nicolas, Isabella, Diana, Meghal

From left: Ian, Olivia, Annia, Anna

From left: Callum, Isabella, Ishan, Joshlyn

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