Keystone parents forming Spartan Race team

Nov 12 2019

Keystone parents forming Spartan Race team

Want to test your fitness? And play on a jungle gym like a kid? A group of Keystone parents invite you to join them.

They’re gathering Cobra parents together to form a team for a Spartan Race on March 15 in Comfort, about an hour west of San Antonio. By the way, it’s not too early to start training.

The Spartan Race Sprint is a 3 mile obstacle course race with some 20 obstacles. Click here for more general information on Spartan race.

This is a great opportunity to push yourself, train with other Keystone parents and incorporate physical and mental fitness to improve overall wellbeing.

If you’re interested, register for the Keystone team here. The team name is “Cobras” and the password is “keystone“. Please select the morning session (8:45AM-12:45PM) on 3/15/2020.

Also, kids may compete in a shorter version of the obstacle course that same weekend. Kids ages 4-6 tackle a half-mile course, kids ages 7-9 take on a 1 mile course and kids 10-13 years old challenge themselves with a 2 mile race. Here’s a link with information about kids races.

If you have any questions about the Keystone parent team or training, please reach out to Jason Brown, Little and Lower School parent and PTO Little School Representative, at

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