Like the rest of this year, summer will be different for all of us

May 15 2020

Like the rest of this year, summer will be different for all of us

“In the summer, the days were long stretching into each other. Out of school, everything was on pause and yet happening at the same time, this collection of weeks when anything was possible.”
–Sarah Dessen

Summer-so full of possibility. Children, and parents for that matter, look forward to the end of school and the June, July, and most-of-August break when they can do a variety of non-school related activities, ranging from going to camp to family vacations to just lazing around outside. However, as we all know, this summer is different. Camps are closed, we don’t know if public pools will open, and travel will be circumscribed at best.

So, how do we make it through the next few months and maintain our sanity? Thanks to Keystone’s partnership with Trinity University, some of our oldest students will take college courses online and will earn college credit. I have heard that some other high schoolers have baby-sitting jobs, and some are hoping that their camp may open later in the summer. Some local pools may begin admitting swimmers later this summer, depending on the course of Covid-19. However, for the most part, this summer will pose a challenge.

I recall many years ago when our children were small and they loved the Arthur books. Among the many well-worn volumes in this series that we would read aloud was Arthur’s Family Vacation. If you haven’t come across this book, the premise is that everything that can go wrong on a family vacation does, from the hotel room being less than desirable to the attractions not living up to the billing. One of our family’s mantras for when things did not go the way we wished stemmed from the episode in the story when a torrential downpour alters their plan for the day; “no beach today” we would quote to one another when the time came to implement Plan B. This particular Arthur book teaches children and adults to be flexible and adaptable when the situation warrants it.

For the vast majority of families, this summer will be much more difficult than in years past. To help with your planning, we have linked a number of resources below. They include all types of activities from science to baking to adventure. Some may be too old for your child, and some may be too young. We know that. However, within these lists, you may discover a new way to stave off the “I’m so bored” emanating from your child’s room.

Please also know that the San Antonio Library has many books, videos, and recordings available digitally. Perhaps this is the summer that children tackle a book or a series they’ve always wanted to read. There are few more blissful activities than reading outside on a summer day. We know that like much of this year, our summer routine has been thrown off, and we’re facing a new situation. We understand that providing you with a list will not magically make all problems disappear. However, we do hope it helps in giving you and your children some ideas for how to spend those long, glorious days of summer.

Before you know it, August will be here and we will be back at school in some form or fashion. Until then, please stay safe and healthy. We will miss you, and wish you all the best.

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