Little School welcomes baby chicks

Apr 28 2023

Little School welcomes baby chicks

What a fun lesson at the Little School!

Preschool learned about the life cycle of a baby chick, as they hosted fertilized eggs, incubated them and watched them hatch.

It started with incubating more than three dozen at a setting of 100 degrees. Students watched and observed as they automatically turned inside the incubator, and they shined a light from under an egg in the dark to get a better view of how the chick developed.

This week, the chicks began hatching. After the chicks were dry, teachers and students transferred them to an area that provided heat, food, and water. Said Ms. Erin: “We also showed the chicks how to drink and eat on their own, just like real mother hens!”

Students observed and even held the chicks. Now, the baby chicks are at a facility that houses a chicken coop, where they can grow and flourish.

Scroll down for some photos.

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