Meet our Upper School students: Brooke and Ani

Feb 28 2019

Meet our Upper School students: Brooke and Ani

Name: Brooke

Grade: Senior

Been at Keystone since: 9th

What is your favorite Keystone memory? My favorite memories are with the softball team. Whether it is doing one of our cheers during the games, hanging out during the long bus rides, or enjoying each other’s company at Sonic as a team afterwards, it is a great way to make friends, especially with different grade levels. There are a lot of good vibes on the team this year and towards the program.

Hidden Talent: Guitar Hero. They come over to my house and challenge me thinking that they can win. They cannot.

What do you hope your legacy will be at Keystone? I hope that my contribution to the Keystone yearbook helps them look back fondly at their years at Keystone and does justice to their experiences. Also, being a founding member of Wellness Council has been meaningful as I see its increasing impact on the school.


Short reflections on what I appreciate about Brooke: I am so glad that Brooke came to Keystone and wow has she shined here. She has a sharp wit, is a dedicated student leader and a great friend. She has a top-notch brain which comes through in her writing and all of her schoolwork. She is definitely going places!


Name: Ani

Grade: Senior

Been at Keystone since: 3rd through 7th, returned 10th-12th

What is your favorite Keystone memory? Playing sports with my friends during lunch times. Here we could let our worries about school go away and just have pure fun.

Hidden Talent: I’ve been playing violin since 5th or 6th grade.

What do you hope your legacy will be at Keystone? Working with my grade to make the senior experience even better, such as updates to the Slounge. I also hope, along with others, to be held up as example of someone who produces good work, has fun doing so and is a good friend. Showing that one can have an accomplished and balanced life is important to me.


Short reflections on what I appreciate about Ani: Ani returned to us after a few years away and instantly made important contributions to his class and school. A devoted Science Fair student, Ani has won awards and served as a mentor to keep that proud Keystone tradition thriving. It keeps him busy, but not away from cheering on his friends’ accomplishments or being 1 of 2 senior leaders on the Cobras baseball team. He will be sorely missed next year.

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