Meet our Upper School students: Carlo and Mary

Feb 01 2019

Meet our Upper School students: Carlo and Mary

Name: Carlo

Grade: Senior

Been at Keystone since: 7th grade

What is your favorite Keystone memory? It is hard to whittle it down to one, but the 10th grade Yosemite Trip was a highlight. This was when I really felt that the whole grade came together and I bonded with a lot of folks who I hadn’t connected to as deeply before. They are some of my best friends now.

Hidden Talent: I played clarinet for a few years and have been able to read music since a very young age. I was also into performative yo-yo tricks for a while in 4th-6th grade and got pretty good at them.

What do you hope your legacy will be at Keystone? I am not sure if anyone 10-15 years from now will know or remember me, but for those current younger students and teachers who will be here for a while, I guess it would be my contributions to theater, soccer and basketball. Some used to joke that I was like Troy Bolton from High School Musical. I hope folks see that there is no stigma about being part of both of those activities and being a “jock” and in theater works hand in hand.


Short reflections on what I appreciate about Carlo: One of my fondest memories of Carlo was from his 10th grade year’s production of Romeo and Juliet. He literally flew across the stage and up the balcony so powerfully and gracefully that audible gasps could be heard in the audience. Here was a single moment in time which captured his athleticism and powerful stage presence. Carlo is also an elected officer in his class, a respected captain on the basketball court and a hard-working student.


Name: Mary

Grade: Senior

Been at Keystone since: 3rd grade

What is your favorite Keystone memory? For Upper School I would say the softball team vs. baseball team game last year was a blast. I love the teamwork that softball brings out and it was fun to play with the guys and the coaches from both teams.

Hidden Talent: I can juggle pretty well, even items of different weights. I can also tie a cherry stem with just my mouth.

What do you hope your legacy will be at Keystone? I really hope that I instill the teamwork, skill and fun competitiveness that the softball team brings to Keystone. Traditions like the team sleepover and the close-knit relationship between the grades that the team creates are important to me. I hope that that level of care and concern that teammates show to one another would be a characteristic of all student relationships on campus.


Short reflections on what I appreciate about Mary: Mary is wise beyond her years and has a high EQ. She has been instrumental in important conversations about student health over the years and is a wonderful advocate for those who don’t always feel that their voice is being heard. Her work in Lit Mag sets a high example of creativity and leadership and it is always a joy to see her smile as she leads her classmates in cheering on softball or other athletics teams.

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