Meet our Upper School students: Julia and Katie

Jan 25 2019

Meet our Upper School students: Julia and Katie

Name: Julia

Grade: Senior

Been at Keystone since: 2nd grade

What is your favorite Keystone memory? When our class finally won Halloween during senior year. It was very satisfying to hear “2019! 2019!” chanted from the bleachers when they announced we’d won.

Hidden Talent: I can use chopsticks well with both hands.

What do you hope your legacy will be at Keystone? I hope that the photos we take and use in yearbook help not just our generation, but generations to come in documenting what Keystone was like that year. It is cool to see alumni that we have met while in high school back in the yearbooks from the years they attended. It is inspiring to see their old traditions and how Keystone has changed over the years; that was part of the reason why we decorated the Slounge with so much Holiday cheer this December.


Short reflections on what I appreciate about Julia: Julia has a can-do spirit about everything and focusses on getting it done well. She is so involved as senior class president, going above and beyond to make her classmates’ experience a good one. Her work with yearbook and Academic World Quest is top-notch and her commitment and drive to always do her very best leads by example.


Name: Katie

Grade: Junior

Been at Keystone since: Kindergarten

What is your favorite Keystone memory? Freshmen year a couple of friends and I used to hang out during our off period in the Theater Garden. We liked huddling close together under the umbrellas when storms came in and we really got to know each other well.

Hidden Talent: I can eat a bowl of microwave ramen in under 30 seconds.

What do you hope your legacy will be at Keystone? I really hope that my work with Student Council and the Keynote newspaper will help give students a greater voice in the community so that their concerns are heard better. I also want to help generate more school spirit through my work on the volleyball and basketball teams.


Short reflections on what I appreciate about Katie: Katie works hard in all aspects of her life- leadership, athletics, academics- and she holds very high standards for herself. The way she approached her knee injury recovery showed that she never lost a generousness of spirit and the general kindness that defines her. Kindness, yes, but don’t cross her on a basketball court!

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