Memory Project brings Upper School students together with orphans in Pakistan

Nov 07 2019

Memory Project brings Upper School students together with orphans in Pakistan

Students in Mrs. Arnold’s drawing class took on a special portrait assignment — to draw pictures of children who are living in an orphanage in Pakistan.

The young people at Keystone and on the other side of the world are working with The Memory Project, a nonprofit organization that connects young people through art.

In this program, high school art students create portraits as special gifts for children around the world who have faced war, violence, poverty, neglect and family loss. The Memory Project estimates that 160,000 portraits have been created for children in 49 countries since 2004.

A wonderful way to  connect young people and give children in crisis a gift of kindness and creativity.

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1 Comment
  • Claire Reed

    What an amazing group of talented young artists. This gift will be one the individual children will have and cherish forever.
    Many years ago I volunteered for a homeless shelter in downtown Baltimore. One of the requests from the nuns was instamatic camera film. I commented of all the things the homeless children needed, why film ? She said these children live from shelter to shelter and have no photos of their own . This is a special gift they can easily pack up and take with them and have of their own. We take so much for granted . We all love to look at pictures of when we were young and now these children will have their own to keep. WHAT A VERY SPECIAL GIFT TO GIVE THESE SPECIAL CHILDREN.

    November 12, 2019 at 4:50 pm

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