Middle schoolers are Locos for Local

Oct 08 2019

Middle schoolers are Locos for Local

Forget writing on bathroom walls — our fifth and sixth graders are creating bathroom posters to help make positive changes in this world.

The efforts are from a group called Locos for Local, which English teacher Mrs. Luckie created to give middle school students ways to make a difference. Students form small groups and take on projects to create some kind of change.

Among some recent projects:

  • A team took on the issue of fast fashion and prepared a presentation for Town Hall, urging their fellow students to not buy clothes from fast fashion stores because these stores underpay garment workers and create waste that harms the environment.
  • A duo prepared a flyer that they posted around campus urging their fellow students to look for Fair Trade certifications on products, especially chocolate and coffee.
  • Another team prepared a presentation asking their classmates to purchase only cruelty-free cleaning products.
  • A duo prepared a presentation supporting the Animal Defense League, and how others can help the nonprofit organization.

These efforts are beginning to make changes. A recent letter from the Locos to Mr. Handmaker prompted the school to switch campus hand sanitizer to a different brand. Already, these young people are learning that they can make changes even here at school.

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