Moment of kindness at the Little School

Jan 23 2020

Moment of kindness at the Little School

Here’s a moment at the Little School when the little ones show kindness and friendship with each other, and illustrate some important lessons:

From the Head of Preschool, Dena Hoenig Valdez:

“This sweet, impacting moment happened after Grayson, the boy in the middle, accidentally dropped his water bottle in the trash can when cleaning up after snack. When Broderick, the boy on the left, noticed his friend was upset he asked him ‘Are you okay, Grayson?’

Grayson looked up at him silently and instantly hugged Broderick and laid his head on his shoulder for a long while. Broderick still didn’t understand what was upsetting his friend, but knew that Grayson needed the hug at that moment. As more friends put away their water bottles in the water caddy next to them, Sofia and Aryan joined in on the hug. Still, no words, no tears, just a powerful silent hug. Sofia is hard to spot because she is hugging them from the back, however you can seen her hand wrapped around Broderick. Aryan joined with a worried face while hugging Grayson. Grayson felt his support and proceeded to hold Aryan’s arm. This silent, yet powerful moment was shared amongst the friends for approximately a minute in a half. ”

Over the past two weeks, the Little School has been discussing diversity and kindness during their Helping Hands units.

The children talked about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., read poems about respecting differences and appreciating uniqueness, and conducted a visual using a white and a brown egg. The students discussed similarities and differences of the eggs and then Ms. Dena cracked both eggs and saw how they were the same inside.

Said Ms. Dena: “It’s been great hearing their definitions of kindness. They remind us of how simple and beautiful things can b through a child’s untrained eye.”

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